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Our ESTATE SALE will be Saturday 2/28 from 11 AM-3 PM and Sunday 3/1 from 1-4 PM for the public, but if you'd like to schedule an individual viewing and purchasing session, please email kjerstie AT madcap DOT org to set up a time during the week.

23 February 2015

Dear friends,

MadCAP will celebrate its 20th year in 2015.  This dynamic and nurturing organization has served hundreds of families over the years.

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you that MadCAP will be closing effective April 1, 2015.  Please know that we as a staff and board have spent many months in thoughtful consideration before reaching this conclusion.

We have been working at making arrangements with Madison partners to continue MadCAP’s programming through alternate venues.  These partners include Madison Children’s Museum, Madison Public Libraries, and Harvest Church of Madison. (HCM has partnered with us in our space for the past few years.)

MadCAP’s final production as a School of the Arts and theatre group in the Madison area will be Captain Louie, performing March 25-28 at Oakwood Village University Woods.  Please consider joining us in celebration of 20 wonderful years as an organization serving the Madison area.  Ticket sale revenue from this production will assist in covering the costs of closing.

What does this mean for second semester classes & lessons?  Private lessons and Company M will continue throughout the academic year (ending May 2015).   Company M has several seniors to send out into the world with all best wishes, love, and music.  Kirsti will continue music studio lessons as a private teacher for existing students.

What about other ensembles & activities?  Intermediate Ensemble is on hiatus for the third quarter and will resume following Captain Louie performances.  Location of this rehearsal is still TBA, but will likely be part of the Madison Story Project, a joint program of Madison Children’s Museum and Madison Public Libraries.  Under this arrangement, Beginning Ensemble will resume in 2015-2016 hosted by Madison Children’s Museum. 

I was counting on MadCAP programs this summer!  What should I do?  Madison Children’s Museum has agreed to use our programming model.  Keep an eye on their website & brochures for summer musical theatre programming taught by MadCAP instructors.  This will be posted February 1, 2015.

MadCAP has a lot of stuff.  What’s going to happen to it?  We’re going to have an estate sale!  If there are costumes, props, or special things at MadCAP that you might like to take home as a piece of a program you love, make sure you plan to attend this sale in the end of February.  MadCAP will have significant closing costs (known as “go dark expenses”) and revenue from this sale will help offset many of these expenses.

What’s happening to Kirsti?  After 15 years with MadCAP, the last 10 as an Artistic Director, Kirsti is going to take some time to explore what will come next in her professional life.  The biggest challenges for her include figuring out what to be when she grows up and knowing how much she will miss seeing MadCAPpers on a daily basis…but also knowing that it’s the start of a grand new adventure and kids/teens will never be absent from her life or her heart.  Change is difficult and sometimes scary, but this is a time for bravery and adventure.  


Kirsti Johanson, Artistic Director                   

Joan McCarthy, Founding Director      

Jon McCarthy, Board President